/Afghan Women Are Now Forbidden From Driving Long Distances Alone

Afghan Women Are Now Forbidden From Driving Long Distances Alone

According to BBC News, the Taliban declared it unlawful for women in Afghanistan to travel on long-distance vehicle excursions alone.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice stated on Sunday that any woman who wishes to travel more than 45 kilometres should be escorted by a male relative.

The regulation also instructs drivers to reject rides to women who do not wear Islamic head or facial coverings. It also prohibits people from listening to music while driving.

A midwife stated that “The Taliban captured our happiness from us… I have lost both my independence and happiness.”

According to Heather Barr, assistant director of women’s rights at Human Rights Watch, the travel prohibition closes off options for women to pursue business or leave domestic violence, putting them in danger of becoming prisoners.

Last Monday, the Taliban instructed Afghan cable television companies to cease showing dramas and soap operas starring female actresses, according to AFP. Female journalists were also required to wear headscarves while reporting, according to the organization.

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