/White House Issues a Highly Deceptive Economic Report

White House Issues a Highly Deceptive Economic Report

The United States was on the verge of a recession thanks to Biden’s dismal economic performance. In its recently published report, the White House nevertheless praised the Biden administration’s economic achievements.

The White House released a paper last week explaining Biden’s economic philosophy. However, due to the report’s numerous technical flaws, it quickly became a laughingstock.

An erroneous warning could be seen in five of the economic report’s footnotes. Similar to this, the identical sentence was repeated numerous times in different paragraphs to extol the virtues of Biden’s economic team.

The White House kept repeating that the Biden administration fought to ensure a robust labor market recovery, using the same language in other paragraphs.

Despite historically high inflation, neither the chronic budget deficit nor the soaring prices—which are the result of the Biden administration’s aggressive social spending—were mentioned in the economic report.

Instead, the report stated that despite Biden’s emphasis on social expenditure policies making inflation worse, bringing down inflation is his primary aim.

The extremely implausible claim made no mention of the exact steps the Biden administration is taking to lower inflation.

In fact, the report placed emphasis on measures that will inevitably aggravate inflation. For instance, the Biden administration is reportedly banning less expensive imports in order to raise the price of the same product in the US.

The administration is also attempting to enforce Davis-Bacon wage requirements in the CHIPS Act, which will raise the price of domestic semiconductor production.

One of the main demands of labor unions is the implementation of Davis-Bacon standards, thus the Biden administration is once again attempting to appease unions at the expense of the interests of Americans.

The administration has already compromised on the CHIPS Act’s primary objective, which was to make semiconductor manufacturing in the US more affordable and accessible.

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