/What Secrets is the US Navy Hiding About UFOs

What Secrets is the US Navy Hiding About UFOs

The US Navy does not want to make public the several films it has that allegedly show photos of unexplained flying objects (UFOs).

The military asserts that disclosing this information would jeopardize national security, notwithstanding a recent congressional hearing on UFOs and the reporting procedure.

The Navy expressed opposition to the release of the footage on the open-government website The Black Vault, stating that it did not want the UFO videos to be made public.

In the name of national security, some UFO research techniques and information are being withheld from the general public. Let’s examine the assertions.

The Navy claims that the information may be a gold mine for American rivals, giving them incredibly valuable knowledge about how the Navy operates and keeps track of threats.

This would make the United States more open to attack and give adversaries more knowledge of our understanding of potential foreign military technology, of which some UFOs are thought to be a part.

Although it’s possible that no further recordings will be sent out in the future, the Navy has acknowledged that there is a lot of information about UFOs, much of which is still completely inexplicable.

Additionally, official documents have already leaked and appeared in the media. The Navy’s choice to take action in this manner is in contrast to the likelihood that there is a lot more material available that may be quite frightening and reveal a lot.

In recent years, the Pentagon has been more forthcoming when it comes to disclosing UFO documents.

The military has always been the target of criticism regarding the possibility of advanced technology or extraterrestrial life. It comes down to striking a balance between the public’s right to information and national security.

We have a right to know whether there is any technology or life that might be endangering us, our animals, or our way of life in some way.

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