/School Bus Driver in Hot Water for Shooting Off Her Mouth

School Bus Driver in Hot Water for Shooting Off Her Mouth

The district has condemned the event and launched an investigation after a Utah school bus driver threatened to “shoot them” if another student questioned her driving. 

“One more person says ‘Where are we going?’, I’m going to shoot them. OK, now listen — I missed the stop; I’m trying to turn around. Do you understand? OK. Sit down and be quiet,” In a video. the driver is heard stating.

The remarks were documented on video taken Friday on the bus by a student from Dry Creek Elementary School, which the student’s parent then emailed to the TV station, according to the station.

The unidentified driver was thus put on administrative leave while an inquiry was conducted by the Alpine School District in Saratoga Springs.

“We strongly condemn any threatening action or language directed toward others,” the district says in a statement shared with PEOPLE. “We expect all employees to create safe and nurturing environments free of verbal or physical threats. Appropriate action will be taken to ensure this matter is addressed and not repeated.”

A youngster in Utah captured on camera a different incident involving a bus driver in the Tooele County School District last week.

The pupils clearly wanted to be helpful, but her attitude was inappropriate and inconsistent with the district values of the school.

In the wake of the occurrence, the replacement driver was put on administrative leave while the matter was being investigated.

Both events happened amid a nationwide shortage of school bus drivers that affects school districts from Alaska to Hawaii.

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