/Biden Mocked For Jonas Brothers Tiktok In Viral Spinoff

Biden Mocked For Jonas Brothers Tiktok In Viral Spinoff

Friday’s viral video has mocked President Joe Biden for his TikTok partnership with the Jonas Brothers- a pop band that became famous in the 2000s. The video also highlighted various criticisms of President Biden’s administration.

The original video was posted by @JohnHackerLA to Twitter where it became viral almost immediately.. President Biden says “We got it” while facing a variety of negative images that have been associated with his administration, including high gas prices, inflation, and the recent migrant crisis at our southern border.

This clip has been viewed more than 65,000 times.

This video was a play upon a video that was promoted at the White House, where the Jonas Brothers made a remake of a popular online video.

The video shows the brothers speaking the words to the viral clip from different spots within the White House. At the end of the viral Tiktok video clip, the Jonas Brothers had then asked President Biden, “Did you get it?”

The president pretends that he is filming it all on his cellphone. It will be seen that President Biden smiles widely and says, “We got it.”

Both sides of the aisle mocked the Jonas Brothers video. The band garnered negative remarks towards this as much as President Joe Biden garnered increasing negative comments about where his focus is really at. The video made people feel that the President has got time for trivial things instead of dedicating his time to more pressing matters.

“Covid cases are on the rise, but the focus is on cute TikToks,” tweeted Sean Spicer, former White House Press Secretary to President Trump.

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