/Biden Sending VP Kamala Harris To Europe to Instill Fear in Putin

Biden Sending VP Kamala Harris To Europe to Instill Fear in Putin

The Biden administration took an undoubtedly dubious decision to challenge Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who is currently causing havoc in Ukraine after invading it 10 days ago.

Biden will use his secret weapon against Putin, who has a long history with the KGB. Kamala Harris, Biden’s Vice President, is the weapon in question.

The deadly battle in which Putin struck Ukraine from three sides entered its tenth day on Saturday.

Putin’s blitzkrieg plan, on the other hand, has failed terribly, thanks to the Ukrainians’ tremendously valiant resistance led by President Volodymyr Zelensky. Russian despot Vladimir Putin is now committing increasingly heinous war crimes on Ukrainian victims.

Enter Kamala Harris, Biden’s dubious vice president, who, while being 22 years his junior, is just as prone to gaffes as her boss.

On Friday, the White House revealed that Kamala will be deployed near Ukraine’s borders, just as the country is being ravaged by Putin’s armies.

This is intended to demonstrate America’s determination to support the Ukrainians by any means necessary, including placing boots on the ground.

Kamala will travel to Poland and Romania, two of Europe’s most pro-American countries.

According to Sabrina Singh, a White House deputy press secretary, Kamala will avoid visiting Ukraine’s border in Poland or Romania.

The vice president will only travel to Poland’s and Romania’s capitals, Warsaw and Bucharest, respectively. She will not be getting her hands dirty by meeting real Ukrainian migrants on the ground.

It’s worth mentioning that, despite the disastrous effects of massive illegal immigration, Kamala Harris has never visited the US-Mexico border.

Harris has already traveled to several other countries, far more than Sleepy Joe, with outcomes that are either non-existent or very doubtful at best.

Kamala spent the entire weekend at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, only four days before Putin sent in his soldiers to try to overrun and seize Ukraine for him.

During this time, the vice president met with Ukraine’s yet-to-be-hero leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, among other things.

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