/Biden Treasury Makes Move to Stop GOP From Getting Hunter Biden Records

Biden Treasury Makes Move to Stop GOP From Getting Hunter Biden Records

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the leading member of the House Oversight Committee, has been attempting for months to get the Questionable Activity Reports (SARs), which are anti-money laundering reports that identify suspicious transactions made by banks against Hunter Biden.

For their unscrupulous international business dealings, Hunter Biden and other Biden family members have generated at least 150 suspicious activity reports. More details are required on these dealings and if Joe Biden has profited financially from his family’s interactions with foes abroad. Knowing whether or not Vice President Biden is compromised is important for national security. Republicans will utilize their majority in the upcoming Congress to force answers on the American people.

Comer stated that previous Congressional probes of either party had access to such SARs.

What a coincidence that the Biden Treasury is now blocking access to the reports that may implicate influence peddling and/or other crimes, though.

Comer claims that although Treasury Department Secretary Janet Yellen misled the media about their compliance, they were not.

Comer mentioned so at the time, and he said that it created greater concerns about how far they were prepared to go in order to provide protection for the Bidens, “It is troubling that the Biden Administration is willing to provide a false story to the media to create the appearance of transparency while continuing to thwart congressional oversight.”

Comer now claims that if they regain control of the Committee in November, they would get the documents and call the bank CEOs to the witness stand to discuss the SARs and what happened there.

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