/Biden’s Approval Rating Crashes to Lowest Point Yet

Biden’s Approval Rating Crashes to Lowest Point Yet

Joe Biden’s approval rating has plummeted to an all-time low of 33%.

According to Gallup polls, this approval percentage is worse than President Donald Trump’s lowest rating ever.

This week has been Biden’s worst 24-hour span as president.

Inflation continues to rise at unprecedented levels. When President Trump took office, gas was $1.87 per gallon, but now the national average has skyrocketed.

As a result of Biden’s decision to halt construction of the XL Keystone pipeline, as well as the flow of current pipelines and the prohibition of drilling on federal lands, gas prices surged.

Republicans’ election integrity procedures are still in place.

In the Senate, the 60-vote quorum threshold is still in place.

Biden threw open the floodgates at the south border, triggering an immediate disaster. Trump presided over the smallest number of illegal border crossings in over 40 years along the southern US border. The United States has experienced the biggest number of illegal border crossings in almost 60 years under Biden’s watch.

Even 35 active-duty Navy SEALs have sued the Biden government over the vaccine mandate, which does not allow for exemptions based on health or religion.

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