/Black Lives Matter Goes Dark After Bombshell Revelations

Black Lives Matter Goes Dark After Bombshell Revelations

Another reality check came knocking on the door of the once-thriving social justice movement group that leverages the black community and furious white radical women to riot and push donations today.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Black Lives Matter (BLM) shut down all of its internet funding channels, only days after California threatened to hold the organization’s leaders personally accountable for its lack of financial transparency. As of Wednesday evening, the contribution button that used to be prominently displayed on BLM’s website had vanished.

In Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Virginia, the charity’s registration is likewise in violation.

The national Black Lives Matter organization, which has been acting as domestic terrorists for the past two years, has received large funding from far-left activists and WOKE businesses, resulting in accumulating evidence of corruption and self-enrichment among the top leadership.

After it was uncovered that Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of BLM and a self-described Marxist, had gone on a multi-million dollar home-buying binge, she stepped down from the leadership in the spring of 2021. Her recent purchases include a luxurious home in Topanga Canyon, California.

Due to the failure of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, the legal entity that represents the national BLM movement, to report information about its finances in 2020, the year it raised tens of millions of dollars amid the racial protests and riots that followed George Floyd’s killing, Washington recently ordered BLM to cease all fundraising activities in their blue states.

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