/Checkout This Latest Bombshell From The Trump Raid

Checkout This Latest Bombshell From The Trump Raid

During a search of Donald Trump’s Florida home, the FBI allegedly discovered 48 files that were now empty but had contained secret material. In a matter of weeks, we went from “he stole the nuclear codes” to “he had some empty folders.” Nothing else imitates parody better than that.

However, the fact that the Trump-haters on the anti-right are genuinely using this as a huge revelation is just as absurd as the original article.

The implication is that the papers that were previously included in the folders marked with classified banners were either sold or destroyed by the evil orange guy. However, there is no proof of it, and I’m not even sure the DOJ is making that allegation. What we are witnessing is only an inventory from the search warrant’s execution. The possibility exists that the folders’ classified contents were returned to the White House and then found their way into the cartons. It’s more probable that the files were empty and just fell into Trump’s pile of paperwork.

Is there a better example of the insane mania surrounding Trump than seeing people go crazy about empty folders? However, here we are with another news cycle that is being fueled by a government leak that ultimately has no bearing. It almost seems like the DOJ is doing this on purpose to hurt the Republicans before the midterm elections.

The DOJ doesn’t want the inconvenience of violating the Hillary Clinton precedent in order to prosecute a former president over empty files, so in the end, our money stays exactly where it has been: that this is all politics. Take these revelations for what they are—partisan tactics designed to draw attention away from Biden’s incompetence.

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