/Clinton Foundation Donations Have Plummeted

Clinton Foundation Donations Have Plummeted

The Clinton Foundation, former President and first lady Bill Clinton, has experienced a significant decline in donations between 2016-2020.

According to The Daily Caller, the foundation’s contributions have dropped by 75 percent in the last four years. This would normally prompt an investigation.

According to the Daily Caller, however, no such investigation was done after the foundation moved from receiving $62.9million in 2016 and only $16.3million in 2020. Very few people seem to have noticed.

“That is because most Beltway insiders know the Clinton Foundation’s primary purpose: to serve as a platform for Hillary Clinton’s political operation while lining the Clintons’ pockets by trading influence for money,” the Daily Caller reported.

“That is why donations spiked when Hillary was secretary of state and most of the world thought she was destined to become president — and why they cratered after she lost.”

CEO Clinton Foundation Kevin Thurm stated in 2020 that the downturn in the economy was due to pandemics in a letter he drafted in 2020:

“[2020] was a difficult year for philanthropy. Across the sector, resources were stretched thinly and fundraising activities were impacted,” Thurm said.

However, people looking in from the outside are wondering what happened to the tens of million dollars in donations that the foundation lost between 2016-2019.

There are also reports that charitable giving in America increased by 5.1% last year, according to some reports. The Daily Caller reported it was easy to see why Clinton’s contributions have declined so dramatically since 2016.

“The Foundation is an influence-peddling scheme, and the Clintons’ influence has waned,” the publication wrote. “Even Obama understood the scheme.

“When President Obama nominated Hillary Clinton in 2009 to serve as secretary of state, she agreed to a strict memorandum of understanding to wall off the Foundation from conflicts of interest with the State Department. As Judicial Watch uncovered, the Clinton team immediately violated this agreement by using the Clinton State Department to help Clinton Foundation donors.”

According to Daily Caller’s report, the Clintons had agreed that the State Department would approve Bill Clinton’s speeches. This was something Judicial Watch, in partnership with Daily Caller, discovered. They also revealed that Clinton Foundation fundraising was a common tactic of the former president.

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