/Congressman Rips Into Biden For Prioritizing Climate Over Families

Congressman Rips Into Biden For Prioritizing Climate Over Families

Republican congressman from Texas Michael Cloud says that rather than taking executive action on climate change, President Joe Biden should concentrate on safeguarding families and making sure the American economy is running smoothly.

The expense of living is rising dramatically along with inflation. People struggle to pay for their daily petrol needs. All of this is the result of the significant spending on stimulus funds that was done last year because of the epidemic.

“This has just never been about the climate. It’s all about control of the economy and doing everything we can to depress the productivity of the American worker at the sake of putting together of the Liberal World Order they are trying to implement even if it’s on the backs of the American worker and the American family who is having to make a decision between food and fuel. This is not what the American president should be working on, for sure. We should be protecting families, we should be doing everything we can to make the American economy work and frankly, that’s the best thing for the world as well,” Cloud said.

Assuring that stronger measures will follow later on, Biden declared on Wednesday that he would be taking additional efforts to combat climate change.

“This is an emergency, and I will look at it that way,” President Joe Biden stated.

The president did not go so far as to issue a formal declaration of a climate emergency, as had been demanded by Democrats and environmental organizations after a powerful Democratic senator dashed expectations for comprehensive legislation to combat global warming. The possibility of such a move was raised by Biden.

This administration’s lack of appropriate priorities betrays its goals, which are certainly not the interests of the American people. In order to gain support from their base and maybe hold onto power in November 2022 and the 2024 presidential elections, what they truly want is to win over the left.

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