/Crime Takes New Twist As Man Dressed As Police Officer To Rob Home

Crime Takes New Twist As Man Dressed As Police Officer To Rob Home

Authorities say a Texas guy dressed up as a cop to break into a house and rob the residents before being apprehended.

On Sunday evening, Salvatore Alfieri IV, 38, entered the residence in Bexar County with a revolver, a tactical police vest, a ski mask, and law enforcement insignia, convincing someone inside that he was a San Antonio police officer, according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

During a press conference, Sheriff Javier Salazar claimed he sought entrance into the residence, claiming he worked for probation and wanted to look for contraband.

A mom and her adolescent son were the victims. Alfieri grabbed the phones, preventing them from making any calls, and stole thousands of dollars in cash and personal things. The woman phoned the sheriff’s office, still unsure whether the criminal was a cop.

He knew just enough about the man who wasn’t present at the time to convince the female that he was there. He was assured. Salazar stated that he was content with where he was and what he was doing.

Alfieri, according to investigators, was starving for cash and this was not his first heist.

To get home, he leased a car using an app owned by another user. According to Salazar, the car has subsequently been restored to its owner.

He was apprehended by officials because he was driving a car he had hired using the Turo app. Salazar explained.

He hired an automobile from a person, and it appears that he just used it for this, avoiding the need to use his own vehicle. This makes it quite easy for officials to locate him.

Authorities said no one was hurt in the house. Impersonating a governmental worker, burglary, wrongful restraint, and interfering with an emergency phone call have all been filed against Alfieri.

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