/Crowds Films As 14 Year Old Gets Robbed At Gunpoint

Crowds Films As 14 Year Old Gets Robbed At Gunpoint

In broad daylight, a 14-year-old child was mugged at gunpoint, as four others videotaped the incident on their iPhones and spectators, unsurprisingly nowadays, did nothing.

The terrifying incident occurred at 7:50 p.m. on Saturday. in New York City, New York, at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2.

The youngster was thrown against a massive boulder in the expansive waterfront park by the group of assailants, according to video released by the New York Police Department.

While the brawl went on, onlookers appeared to do nothing. A gun was pointed at the boy’s head and he was beaten.

A bank card, a smartphone, a cap, identity cards, and even the teen’s footwear were stolen, according to police. Officials stated the victim declined medical assistance and that he knew several of the thieves.

One local speculated that if young people had interesting stuff to do, they might be less likely to mug one another at gunpoint.

In the same location, there were at least two more muggings. The attackers came out of the woods and snatched his phone and $700, according to one mugging victim.

Since the outbreak, violent crime has increased dramatically in New York City. More than three-quarters of New York City residents said they were afraid of becoming victims of violent crime in a recent poll. Surprisingly, 70% of respondents stated they felt less protected in New York City now than they did before the outbreak.

The public is being asked to assist police in identifying the suspects.

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