/Daughter of Powerful Putin Ally Assassinated

Daughter of Powerful Putin Ally Assassinated

The daughter of a well-known Russian ultranationalist, Darya Dugina, was killed in a car bombing outside of Moscow at the age of 29. She was reportedly traveling late on Saturday night in a Toyota Land Cruiser when an explosive device hidden inside the SUV exploded, killing her.

Political theorist Vladimir Putin is frequently referred to as Putin’s brain, and her father, Alexander Dugin, is thought to be a close friend of the president. He is thought to have influenced Putin’s worldview and been a supporter of his strategy of sending soldiers to Ukraine.

Dugin is also a well-known supporter of the Russian world concept, a philosophical and political philosophy that places an emphasis on conventional values. He has long argued for the unification of Russian-speaking nations and areas as a new Russian empire.

He also despises Western liberal principles and extols Russia as a nation of piety and authoritarian rule. Following Russia’s 2014 takeover of Ukraine, the United States also imposed sanctions on Dugin.

According to Andrei Krasnov, who claimed to know Dugina personally and was mentioned by the official news agency TASS, the car belonged to her father. Though no one has claimed responsibility, speculation suggests that Dugina’s unlucky death circumstances may have actually been an attempt at her father’s assassination.

In addition to the fact that the SUV in question was his, Dugin had also driven the automobile that day. The pair attended a cultural fair outside of Moscow, according to a story in the Russian newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta, and decided at the last second to exchange automobiles.

Denis Pushilin, the president of the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic, has attributed the explosion on Ukraine. Russia’s fighting in Ukraine is concentrated in the pro-Moscow Pushilin Republic. He asserted that the Ukrainian regime’s militants set off the explosion in an effort to assassinate Alexander Dugin.

The former Putin advisor and analyst Sergei Markov concurred. He stated that their goal was Dugin, not his daughter, and that the Ukrainian military intelligence and the Ukrainian Security Service are the most likely suspects.

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