/Dems Take Major Step To Stop Audit Of 2020 Arizona Election Results By Filing Lawsuit

Dems Take Major Step To Stop Audit Of 2020 Arizona Election Results By Filing Lawsuit

Democrats at The State of Arizona are trying to stop the Arizona Senate’s ballot audit regarding the 2020 election, based on News Max.

Democrats have filed a lawsuit in hopes to stop the recount of voter ballots.

According to the lawsuit, Republican Senate President Karen Fann and Sen. Warren Peterson made promises they can not uphold.

Fann and Peterson outsourced the recount into an”inexperienced third party with clear bias.”

The lawsuit was filed in an effort to block the audit and recount.

Steve Gallardo filed the lawsuit with worries that the audit could cause”irreparable harm to the integrity of Arizona’s election system.”

The Audit would also jeopardize the solitude if voters.

Gallardo said,”The sole reason for this lawsuit and injunctions is to protect the sanctity of the ballots and more importantly to preserve voters’ privacy from a sham audit that’s been tainted by agitators and conspiracy theorists.”

Fann claims that the ballots are well protected.

A court hearing is scheduled for Friday morning.

The recount will be under 24 hour surveillance and can be live streamed at https://azaudit.org.

Ken Bennett said,”I do not know if he is especially embraced”Stop the Steal,” but there are people which are questioning his remarks and if they will impact the audit.”

“And I am going to do everything I can to be certain we audit the election rather than the builder’s opinions.”

Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said,”Nobody should be taking this circus badly.”

“That is what it is. It is a circus.”

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