/Dems to Keep Distance as Biden Starts US Tour

Dems to Keep Distance as Biden Starts US Tour

This week, President Joe Biden begins a coast-to-coast tour to promote the new tax and climate legislation and support Democrats running in the elections in November. However, some of those candidates might not be present when he shows up because they believe Biden is too much of a liability.

Democrats are hoping that the trip will improve the president’s poll numbers and highlight his accomplishments. According to more than a dozen interviews with senior Democrats and local campaign executives in competitive states like Pennsylvania and Arizona, some congressional candidates fear that working with Biden on the campaign trail could harm their chances of winning on November 8.

In contested contests, Biden consistently polls lower than most, if not all, Democratic candidates, frequently by double digits. His most recent approval rating is 40%.

The trip, which is his most recent attempt to restart his presidency, will test the boundaries of Biden’s sway in a party that has recently displayed moments of betrayal. Biden, who is currently the oldest president of the United States at 79 years old, may not want to seek reelection in 2024, according to several Democratic members of Congress.

Democrats running for office will closely monitor whether Biden can sway public opinion on his trip as they explore running alongside him. In addition to a Kansas triumph on abortion rights, Biden may also highlight recent legislative successes on issues like gun control, climate change, and increasing American microprocessor manufacture.

Nevertheless, despite disagreements within the party over former President Donald Trump and the attack on the United States on January 6, 2021, opposition Republicans have come together to attack Biden. Capitol. The White House has battled to counter the notion that has been driven home by right-wing media, elected politicians, and Trump: Biden and his policies are to blame for record inflation, and he’s old, doddering, and confused.

Some candidates are concerned they would be asked embarrassing questions about whether they support the president’s reelection at events, despite the fact that Biden’s supporters point out that inflation is higher in some other nations and that he is undiminished. According to reports, their responses might be used as ammunition by Republican competitors.

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