/Fisherman Survives Days In Shark-infested Waters Inside A Freezer

Fisherman Survives Days In Shark-infested Waters Inside A Freezer

According to accounts, a Brazilian fisherman somehow made it through 11 days at sea in shark-infested waters by floating inside a freezer after his boat capsized.

While Romualdo Macedo Rodrigues was sailing in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of northern Brazil, his boat started to take on water and eventually started sinking.

He hastily crawled inside a large freezer, drifted inside it for 11 days, and was eventually rescued off the coast of Suriname by another boat.

Rodrigues, who is unable to swim, claimed that as the remainder of the boat disappeared from view, he became aware of the freezer floating in the water.

“I was desperate. I thought my end was coming. But thank God, God gave me one more chance. I jumped inside it, it fell to one side and kept normal.”

Sharks circled the freezer but never struck, according to Rodrigues, who also said that everytime it started to fill up with water, he had to shovel it out with his hands.

His struggle to survive was about to end when the boat came and saved him.

“I didn’t sleep. I saw the dawn, the dusk, asking God to send someone to rescue me. I was thinking about my kids, my wife. Every day I was thinking about my mother, my father, all my family. It gave me hope. I raised my arms and asked for help. That freezer was God in my life. The only thing I had was the freezer. It was a miracle.”

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