/Florida Dem Instantly Regrets Her Embarrassing Attempt To Shame Desantis

Florida Dem Instantly Regrets Her Embarrassing Attempt To Shame Desantis

When Florida State Rep. Anna Eskamani (D) decided to blast Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and BlazeTV’s David Rubin for hosting an event in literally one of the most #LGBTQ+ friendly parts of Orlando and during Pride Month, she thought she’d hit the nail on the head – but there was one crucial detail the liberal lawmaker overlooked.

In a subsequent tweet, Eskamani proved her ignorance by stating unequivocally that she believes Dave Rubin is another of those nasty homophobic conservatives.

DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, informed Eskamani that DeSantis is a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

In a tweet, a user stated “Representative, this is not the person you believe it is. Do some research on who this person is.

Is @RubinReport required prior to proceeding?”

“Hi Representative Eskamani, my husband and I would like to invite you to the event as our guest. First row seats, let me know.” Dave Rubin said.

“No for the homophobia. Please come to the event and see what it’s all about!” he said.

Rubin made his offer a third time when Eskamani answered with some low-brow name-calling.

He stated that, despite Ana’s clear homophobia and bigotry in believing that all homosexual people must think the same way, which is the definition of prejudice, his invitation to the event remains open.

Eskamani responded with this brilliant rejoinder around an hour and a half later.

She stated that she will only come if she can debate with Rubin and DeSantis. Brandon Wolf should also webcast everything, according to Eskamani.

Finally, Rubin stated flatly that Eskamani’s demands are absurd, adding that a thousand people had purchased tickets to watch Rubin and DeSantis.

Rubin went on to say that Eskamani will not be granted a single second of that time on the show, and that she was invited to experience what true freedom, liberty, and Florida are all about.

Rubin assured Eskamani that the argument could be done later.

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