/Hunter Biden’s Therapist Sounds the Alarm in Uncovered Documents

Hunter Biden’s Therapist Sounds the Alarm in Uncovered Documents

A new book on Hunter Biden’s notorious laptop reveals that Hunter had text conversations with his therapist in 2019 about President Biden being dementia-prone.

“Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide” by Fox News contributor and New York Post columnist Miranda Devine hit the bookshelves on Tuesday, a little over a year after Biden’s laptop was first reported on and censored by Big Tech.

Months before Biden launched his presidential campaign, Hunter Biden his son was exchanging text messages with Keith Ablow, his therapist and friend, in early January 2019. The book highlighted that Ablow and Hunter were discussing Democratic presidential candidates when Ablow stated, “Your dad is the answer” and then later quoted himself, mockingly saying, “Any man who can triumph over dementia is a giant. Think what he could do for our nation’s needed recovery.”

“You’re such an a–hole but that made me laugh out loud,” Hunter Biden replied.

Ablow continued to quote himself, saying that, “Perhaps he can help us remember all we intended to be as a people since he can now remember his address,” prompting Hunter to say his dad “doesn’t need to [know] where he lives” because “that’s the only thing the secret service get[s] right at least 75% of the time.”

Ablow and Hunter exchange text messages a month later to discuss the possibility of a podcast in which they invite “notable people”, who would “talk about the traumas that they have experienced in their lives.” Hunter suggested that the podcast could be made into an “HBO series.”

“Dad is our first guest,” Hunter stated.

Ablow wanted Hunter to know if Hunter could “recall details” about his father’s “dementia and other” conditions. Hunter replied that he couldn’t recall “much of these days” but because it was all fake news, I don’t see any problem.

White House published Biden’s first physical examination shortly before Thanksgiving. His physician stated that he was a healthy, active, 78-year old male who is well-equipped to carry out the duties of the Presidency.

His physical exam didn’t include a cognitive test. This concerned Dr. Marc Siegel who is a clinical professor in medicine and an internist at NYU Langone Medical Centre.

“If we’re looking into neurological causes for the gait change, I don’t think the way they characterize that in the physical is sufficient,” Siegel told Fox News last month. “I want more information. I want to know what the MRIs show, and I want to know what the nerve conduction EMG shows to rule out things that are more extensive, that by the way, can be associated with cognitive changes like mental status, like dementia.”

The White House and Ablow did not respond to our request for comment. 

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