/If Biden Doesn’t Run In 2024 Democrats Want Kamala or Michelle Obama

If Biden Doesn’t Run In 2024 Democrats Want Kamala or Michelle Obama

According to a survey, Vice President Kamala Harris (ex-first lady Michelle Obama) and the Democratic presidential nominee are the top two choices for President Biden if he decides to not seek reelection in 2024.

Harris is leading all candidates with 13 percent support, while Obama was second with 10 percent, according to the HarrisX poll.

Sens. were also possible candidates. Bernie Sanders of Vermont; Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts; Cory Booker, New Jersey; former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg; Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and former 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

All three received support from registered voters at a rate of 5 percent or less.

However, 36% said they weren’t sure who they would vote for. 13% said they would vote with someone who wasn’t on the list.

According to the White House, Biden plans to run a reelection campaign. This could lead to a possible rematch against former President Donald Trump. Trump has not yet announced a 2024 bid.

Biden will be 82 years old when he is sworn into office for the second term. His job approval ratings have been falling since August due to the double effects of inflation, as well as the supply chain crisis, which has caused prices to soar, making some goods difficult to find.

There are still questions as to whether Biden, the oldest president-elect, is fit enough to continue his second term.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll released earlier this month showed that 50 percent of registered voters disagreed with the statement, “Joe Biden is in good health,” while only 40 percent agreed and 10 percent did not know or had no opinion.

The Hill-HarrisX survey surveyed 939 voters between Nov. 18 and 19.

There is a +/- 3.2 percentage point margin of error.

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