/Liberals Use Deadly Tornados To Attack Republicans

Liberals Use Deadly Tornados To Attack Republicans

Many liberals, including celebrities and politicians, on Twitter, pointed fingers at climate change and Republicans after the devastating tornadoes that decimated at least 70 people in western Kentucky.

Eric Swalwell, a Democratic Representative, used the tragedy as an opportunity to attack Rand Paul, the Republican Senator from Kentucky. He accused him of not caring for Americans in need.

We must do everything we can to help Kentucky’s neighbors. Swalwell posted, “God be with them — they are hurting. But do not for one second forget that @RandPaul has voted against helping most Americans most times they’re in need.”

Noel Scovell was a producer and writer for Late Night With David Letterman. He also blamed Paul and Mitch McConnell who are also representatives of Kentucky.

Scovell tweeted, “Sorry Kentucky. Maybe if your 2 senators hadn’t spent decades blocking legislation to reduce climate change, you wouldn’t be suffering from climate disasters. If it’s any consolation, McConnell and Rand have f’ed over all of us, too.”

Jemele Hill, a former ESPN host, encouraged Democrats to use the tornado to attack Sen. Paul politically.

Hill tweeted, “We know @RandPaul is a heartless hypocrite. The people in Kentucky deserve the relief regardless of their buffoonish leadership, but if the Dems don’t use this against him and his party in the future, it is a missed opportunity.”

President Biden claimed that climate changes were to blame for the tragedy. He stated, “All I know is that the intensity of the weather across the board has some impacts as a consequence of the warming of the planet and climate change.”

Actor Mark Ruffalo also blamed climate change for the tornado.

Ruffalo tweeted, “This is what #ClimateCatastrophe looks like. It’s only going get worse from here. Now is time to fight for our suffering and despairing youth.”

Rachel Vindman (co-host of Suburban Women Problem) and the wife of Alexander Vindman (retired United States Army lieutenant colonel), called the tornadoes “directly a result of climate change.

“Climate Change: What does it look like?” Vindman asked. “This is absolutely heartbreaking & it’s a direct result of climate change. Believe me, I know it’s tempting to scream, yell & question why people are so slow to accept reality but we must have conversations w/ skeptics.”

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear, Kentucky Governor, stated that one tornado struck Western Kentucky for over 200 miles in a sustained fashion. At least four other tornadoes also struck the state that night.

He also stated that the death toll could be between 70 and 100 across five or more countries.

President Biden tweeted, “This morning, I was briefed on the devastating tornadoes across the central U.S. To lose a loved one in a storm like this is an unimaginable tragedy. We’re working with Governors to ensure they have what they need as the search for survivors and damage assessments continue.”

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