/New Video Raising More Questions About Putin’s Health

New Video Raising More Questions About Putin’s Health

In its campaign against Ukraine, Russia has had a difficult time. In addition to their military difficulties, there have been fires at two oil tank farms and the defense industry.

There have been concerns voiced in the past concerning Vladimir Putin’s health and how it could be influencing his choice to go to war with Ukraine.

However, video from an Orthodox Easter service in Moscow on Sunday has prompted additional inquiries.

In Christ the Savior Cathedral, he appears beside Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

There were also issues raised by other videos that are circulating online, ncluding one from last week showing Putin clutching onto the table and seeming obese during a meeting with his military minister, Sergei Shoigu. Throughout the meeting, his right leg and foot are continually moving.

There was also this previous video, which has sparked considerable controversy, despite the fact that the footage is not clear.

Putin has previously denied any knowledge of Parkinson’s disease.

After photographs released by the Kremlin resembled images from last year, questions have been raised over whether Russian President Vladimir Putin actually attended an Orthodox Easter service in Moscow this past weekend. The photos, which were allegedly shot a year apart, appear to show Putin wearing the same suit and looking quite identical, with the only visible change being the color of his tie.

Opposition media in Russia and Ukraine have pounced on photographs and video footage from the event, implying that the new recordings were forged from last year’s service on May 2, 2021.

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