/NY Restaurant Owner Has Message For Governor Over Vax Mandate

NY Restaurant Owner Has Message For Governor Over Vax Mandate

On Thursday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” New York City restaurateur Stratis Morfogen pledged not to follow New York City’s vaccine mandate for the private sector.

He told host Tucker Carlson, “I’m not doing the mandate, and I told Governor Hochul to come and arrest me.”

“I’m not doing it because, first of all, the employees we have, these were our heroes. In the early part of COVID, we fed 8,400 health care workers,” he added. “I’m not firing these people for a jab, for a job.”

Morfogen went on to say that the administration had it all wrong from the start.

He then chastised governors, mayors, and politicians in the White House for their lack of business acumen, claiming they had never had a lemonade stand.

The proprietor of the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop believes that the next administration will be pro-business, because all we want is a chance.

He believes that the current government must recognize that the immunization card is a 1983 technology that it expects company owners to control without providing the necessary instruments to do so.

He also warned the authorities that a vaccine card holder can be a super-spreader.

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