/Pelosi Suffers Severe Cognitive Failure For 54 Seconds On TV

Pelosi Suffers Severe Cognitive Failure For 54 Seconds On TV

A mind-boggling 54-second clip of Nancy Pelosi that has gone viral.

Joe Biden, 79, is not the only top Democrat to show signs of dementia.

Nancy Pelosi, 81 years old, was speaking from the podium to address a new law that penalizes China for human rights violations.

LeBron James, a left-wing celebrity, has been accused of profiting from China’s abuses while speaking out regularly about U.S. “Social Justice Initiatives”

The legislation has been endorsed by Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican, and Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat.

Pelosi’s shocking response leaves everyone puzzled.

Watch It Here:

Pelosi was instantly mocked via social media:

Western Journal attempted to decipher what Pelosi meant.

She seemed to be saying that a bill from Rep. Jim McGovern (a Massachusetts Democrat) was better. But that’s just a guess.

C-SPAN archives show that Pelosi criticised former President Donald Trump as an “autocrat” without any concern for human rights.

Before launching into her attack on Trump’s interactions with Chinese President Xi Jinping, she stated that “I take second to no one in Congress in my criticism China’s human right record.”

She then went off the rails and apparently mixed in references to EAGLE Act, which was a bill passed by the House aimed towards China, along with names of current or former members of Congress (including one who died) and various stages in brain freeze.

“We have a bill in the House. It’s the McGovern bill. It’s a stronger bill, uh, than the, uh, the — it is, it’s, a bill that we could have freestanding or a bill that is in the EAGLE Act, that is part of the, um, the, um, Mr. — Foreign Affairs Committee, Mr. Kendrick Meeks — no, Gregory Meeks’ bill. Kendrick — we’re all very sad about losing Carrie Meek this week, so I referenced her son.”

Pelosi, 81 years old, is more consistent than aunts who drink too much wine at dinner.

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