/Road Rage Incident Caught On Dashcam Ends In Arrest

Road Rage Incident Caught On Dashcam Ends In Arrest

An arrest has been made four days after a Phoenix-area driver claims he was beaten and had a pistol aimed at his face during a road rage incident on May 7.

Fransisco Garcia, the victim, claims the event occurred at 5 p.m. along McDowell Road and Avondale Boulevard.

He claims he was driving when the suspect, another motorist, started drifting into his lane. Garcia accelerated and moved into the lane where he imagined the suspect was departing.

Garcia said the suspect became agitated at that point and followed him to the left turn lane. Garcia wanted to retrieve the suspect’s license plate number off the rear of his car, and the suspect was angry at Garcia because he thought he cut him off.

Garcia said the man assaulted him until he returned to his vehicle. The suspect then began knocking on the driver’s side window with the pistol, aiming it towards Garcia and a female passenger in his car, according to Garcia.

Bryan Duran was arrested on May 11 and placed into jail, according to Avondale Police Department Officer Jaret Redfearn. He is charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct with a firearm, among other things.

A search warrant was conducted on Duran’s residence, according to court filings, but no firearms was found. Instead, they discovered a Ruger.9mm cardboard box as well as a gun safe cardboard box.

Duran refused to talk with authorities about the event unless he was accompanied by a lawyer.

Road rage incidents in Arizona have been increasing since 2018, according to the Governor’s Office. After setting a new record in 2021, the year 2022 is shaping up to be even more violent.

For Garcia, one incidence of road rage is enough.

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