/Sleepy Joe Tries to Mock Trump Amid Abysmal Job Numbers

Sleepy Joe Tries to Mock Trump Amid Abysmal Job Numbers

Joe Biden has tried to blame Trump and other members of the Republican Party for the recent dismal job creation data.

In December, the US economy created only 199,000 new employment, compared to an estimate of 422,000 new jobs.

This is the second month in a row that the economy has created less than half of the jobs expected.

Inflation, the energy problem, the distribution network crisis, and burdensome vaccination mandates are all painfully obvious to the average American.

According to left-leaning pollsters, this is mirrored in Biden’s declining support ratings, which are averaging around 40%.

Any Republican criticism of Biden’s economic and supply chain consequences was dismissed as bollocks by Biden on Friday.

He then bizarrely claimed that his $1.9 trillion spending plan was the catalyst for economic recovery.

America saw its biggest inflation in 40 years just seven to eight months after the American Rescue Plan was implemented in November 2021.

Republicans, according to Sleepy Joe, are attacking him over inflation and the supply chain problem because they want to talk down the recovery.

That, he believes, is due to the fact that no Republican voted in favor of his massive American rescue plan.

He tried to make fun of Republicans and President Donald Trump for their critique and forecasts about his regime, which have turned out to be quite accurate and legitimate.

Biden’s popularity continues to dwindle. The public’s dislike of him is mostly based on his financial missteps.

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