/Texas Attorney General Rips Biden’s Border Policies

Texas Attorney General Rips Biden’s Border Policies

While President Joe Biden has seized broad, unlawful authority in the guise of preserving the public’s health, his immigration policy demonstrates a callous contempt for the country’s well-being.

Biden’s neglect of the southern border, according to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R), is not merely a policy failure, as many have claimed, but deliberately damaging criminality that is killing thousands of Americans.

According to Breitbart, Paxton mentioned a spike in drug overdose deaths in a recent interview, which he attributed to record levels of cheap, dangerous fentanyl flooding the country.

Paxton also raised concerns about the potential of COVID-19 spreading in overcrowded detention centers, which have seen record numbers of undocumented migrants enter the country under Biden’s watch.

The activities of the White House are criminal, but they get away with it because they know they won’t be impeached by Congress, according to the AG. The Biden administration’s philosophies are so antagonistic and unwilling to admit accountability that they would dodge even if half of the country died.

Biden is attempting to ostracize the American people like no other president before him, according to Paxton. If Republicans are successful in regaining control of Congress in November, they must hold him responsible.

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