/The COVID Fear Card is Officially All Played Out

The COVID Fear Card is Officially All Played Out

When it comes to COVID, Americans have been sold a lot of fear since 2020.

Grandmothers could die if COVID regulations and limits are not followed, according to health authorities and political leaders. Never mind that these leaders and officials have been caught on multiple occasions breaking their own rules.

As time goes on, it appears that more individuals are becoming tired of the alarmism surrounding this virus; this is especially true given the several immunizations and boosters available.

Last year’s travel levels over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons were much higher than this year’s. Now, Breitbart News is presenting new research that demonstrates that most individuals are completely unaware of the infection.

According to a recent NewsNation study, 45.4 percent of Americans believe inflation is a bigger threat than COVID. Only 40.9 percent of respondents questioned by NewsNation believe the virus is a bigger problem in the country than inflation.

Surprisingly, 13.5 percent of Americans believe that unemployment is the most pressing issue in the country. This information comes as higher costs continue to rise and show no signs of abating anytime soon.

COVID is a topic that Americans are sick of hearing about. People want to enjoy their lives, have stable employment, travel, and not have to worry about rising prices. As the year 2022 progresses, more people are likely to tune out coronavirus news across the country.

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