/The NHL Announces Season Pause Because Of COVID

The NHL Announces Season Pause Because Of COVID

In an unexpected turn of events, the NHL is pausing the season for several days starting Wednesday.

The league announced Monday that all teams will have a blanket pause starting Dec. 22 because of COVID.

Players who produce a negative test on Dec. 26 will be allowed to enter the team facilities. Games will resume on December 27.

The NHL has been the only major sports league to issue an extended pause due to COVID-19. While other leagues are also dealing with issues, only hockey has stopped playing for an extended time.

Although the pause lasts for only a few days it is an indication that COVID-19 is getting worse.

We’ve seen postponements in every major sports league you can think of and the NHL apparently thinks a blanket pause will give players some extra time to get healthy.

It is also important to note that the NHL’s vaccine rate is almost 100%. However, this has not been enough to stop players from being positive.

Let’s hope that other leagues don’t do the same thing as the NHL. We don’t need games being paused.

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