/Trump Hints At 2024 Run With A Maga Rally In Iowa

Trump Hints At 2024 Run With A Maga Rally In Iowa

Fox News reports that former President Donald Trump held a successful rally this weekend, provoking speculation about a possible 2024 run.

Iowa was the location of the rally, which is a key stop for presidential contenders because it’s where caucuses start the presidential nomination calendar. The Iowa State Fairgrounds, in Des Moines, hosted the rally. There were thousands of people in attendance.

Trump spoke on a variety of topics during his speech. Trump attacked President Joe Biden, the Democrats and their spending agenda. He specifically targeted Biden for the south border crisis and the Afghanistan disaster.

Trump stated that Biden and Democrats were leading America to the “The Brink of Ruin.”

Trump 2024

It was hard to believe that Trump didn’t hold a rally for his 2024 presidential campaign, given the enthusiasm and size of the crowd. Trump has yet to announce his candidacy.

Trump, instead, has settled for telling anyone that asks about 2024 that they will be “happy” with his choice, making it fairly obvious that he plans on running. Trump has blamed his reluctance to announce his 2024 candidacy on “antiquated” campaign finance laws.

Trump will, however, be focusing his efforts on helping Republicans regain control in Congress before 2024.

Trump has, among other activities, endorsed candidates to this end. For example, Trump endorsed Sen. Chuck Grassley (R – IA) at the Iowa rally.

He’s as popular as ever in Iowa

Trump won Iowa easily in 2016 and 2020. There is no indication that Trump’s popularity is declining in Iowa. There are many signs that the opposite is true.

poll released just before Saturday’s rally showed that 53% of Iowans have a positive view of Trump. This is the highest Trump favorability percentage ever recorded in this poll. Trump celebrated the victory at the rally by declaring, “We’re at our highest ever.”

Biden was also ranked at the bottom of the pollster’s list. Biden is currently receiving some of the worst surveys of his presidency.

Trump and his supporters are definitely seeing positive changes.

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