/US Navy Stopped Iran From Capturing American Military Drone

US Navy Stopped Iran From Capturing American Military Drone

Iran attempted to seize a US marine drone on Monday night in the Persian Gulf.

Iran was obliged to cease operations as a result of prompt US Navy intervention, which prevented the escalation of bilateral tensions between the US and Iran.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was about to begin towing the US marine drone Saildrone Explorer when the USS Thunderbolt coast guard ship was dispatched in retaliation, forcing IRGC personnel to abort their operation.

The US Navy dispatched a ship and an MH-60S SeaHawk helicopter in addition to the ship to save the drone.

One defense official claims that the US Navy also phoned the IRGC to ask them to release the drone, which led to Iran’s own capitulation without any American military involvement.

The Iranian warship cut the towline and departed when American soldiers intervened and prevented Iran from commandeering the drone.

Without additional Iranian interference, U.S. soldiers continued their efforts to retrieve the drone.

Vice Adm. Brad Cooper, the commander of US Naval Forces Central Command, observed Iran’s conduct was inconsistent with the requirements of a competent marine force after the successful attempt to save the drone.

Cooper continued by saying that the US will uphold regional maritime freedom while acting within the bounds of international law.

There was no confidential data about Saildrone Explorer. In actuality, the drone had commercially accessible sensor, camera, and radar equipment that was employed for data collecting.

Iran was only halted by the US Navy in order to keep up a credible level of maritime deterrence and prevent the Islamic Republic from trying to seize American equipment once more.

Erik Kurilla, the U.S. Commander General, said that Iran was prevented from compromising American interests in the area by Central Command and the professionalism of American soldiers.

The whole Middle East is being destabilized by Iranian hegemonic intentions, according to Kurilla, which is concerning for all the bordering nations as well.

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