/Video Of Biden Supporter Getting Handcuffed By Sheriffs At Trump Rally

Video Of Biden Supporter Getting Handcuffed By Sheriffs At Trump Rally

A Biden fan who attempted to cause mayhem at Trump’s rally in Florence, Arizona was handcuffed and removed out of the venue. 

A clip of a woman making disruption at a Trump event while donning a Biden 2020 shirt and brandishing a banner that reads “Trump lost Arizona” has received a lot of retweets on Twitter. The woman was purportedly screaming and shouting anti-Trump slogans throughout the protest grounds before being confronted by security and evicted.

The Biden fan continued to wave her banner around after refusing to leave at the security guard’s request, until it was taken from her hands by a man dressed as Uncle Sam. 

After her sign vanished, she went berserk and grabbed a sign off a vendor’s booth. The security guard insisted on her leaving the event, but she resisted and even vowed to strike him in the face.

The woman’s outspoken anti-Trump feelings sparked a firestorm of speculation, with some speculating that she was hired to act as an agent provocateur at the event. Instead of getting physical, Trump supporters screamed “Go home Communist” and “Let’s Go Brandon” throughout the video, knowing she was there to make trouble and cause a problem. During the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, Trump’s rallies were known for being orderly and family-friendly.

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