/Wisconsin Attorney General Calls for Election Probe to End

Wisconsin Attorney General Calls for Election Probe to End

On Monday, Wisconsin’s Democratic Attorney General, who represents the state election commission, called for a Republican-ordered inquiry into the 2020 presidential race to be closed. He claimed that it was a partisan effort that lacks credibility and wastes taxpayer money, and is not serious.

“This investigation suffers from glaring flaws that destroy any credibility its results could have had,” Attorney General Josh Kaul said at a news conference. “Shut this fake investigation down.”

Kaul’s remarks came after the Republican leader in the Assembly election committee said that she was kept out of the loop, and didn’t agree to the moves made by the probe leader.

This latest twist comes after Michael Gableman (retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice) issued a video last weekend aimed at Gov. Tony Evers. Evers, a Democrat told local election officials that they should be “lawyered-up” and called the taxpayer-funded investigation a $700,000.

Gableman called that “an incomplete and misguided view” of the probe.

Robin Vos, Republican Assembly Speaker, ordered the investigation after Donald Trump pressured him to. Trump claims that he won Wisconsin last January. The state was won by President Joe Biden with just 21,000 votes. This result has survived recounts and many court rulings.

Vos and Gableman didn’t immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

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