/Woman Caught At Airport With Knives Hidden In Darth Vader Teddy Bear

Woman Caught At Airport With Knives Hidden In Darth Vader Teddy Bear

Darth Vader does not wield a blade.

A lady was found attempting to smuggle two knives through airport security at Philadelphia International Airport. The woman had apparently picked a rather unique hiding site.

TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein stated on Twitter that a lady found with two blades disguised inside a Darth Vader teddy bear at the Philadelphia airport. The rear of the stuffed animal seemed to have been resewn shut, according to TSA inspectors.

The doll belonged to the woman’s son, who was nine years old.

When the bear was placed through an X-ray machine, TSA personnel discovered the two blades.

A TSA officer at Newark Liberty International Airport stopped an infant from choking, according to Fox News. Cecilia Morales apparently heard the family’s urgent cries for rescue and acted quickly.

When the mother of the 2-month-old baby scooped him up from his car seat carrier and saw he had stopped breathing, she called for aid.

By laying the newborn face down on her arm and rubbing his back, Morales performed the Heimlich maneuver on him. EMTs came on the scene and administered oxygen to the child. The toddler is doing OK, according to the TSA.

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