/Woman Saves Policeman Who Collapsed from Bee Stings

Woman Saves Policeman Who Collapsed from Bee Stings

At a community celebration on Saturday, a woman in Cleveland, Ohio, is being lauded for effectively saving a policeman’s life.

Sgt. Ray O’Connor was bitten by two bees while playing football with kids at a back-to-school gathering, according to WOIO on Thursday.

O’Connor told his partner, Officer Brooklyn Barnes, just before he passed out and indicated that he is fatally allergic to the insects.

He had, however, neglected to carry his Epi-Pen, a drug used in an emergency to treat severe allergic reactions.

Another individual present also acted right away, and Barnes and another officer immediately transported O’Connor to a police vehicle and administered first aid.

Tomika Johnson hurried over to her house right away to collect her son’s EpiPen. Barnes hastily returned to the scene and administered the drug by injection to her spouse.

O’Connor was still unconscious when they got at the hospital, and Barnes did CPR while the two were in the cruiser being driven there.

Doctors later said that Johnson’s Epi-Pen and everyone else present’s rapid actions saved him from certain death.

“Ms. Johnson showed a great regard for human life by his quick thought, swift action, and care for this officer’s wellbeing”, the Cleveland Police Fourth District stated in a social media statement on Wednesday.

O’Connor met the individual who assisted in his rescue that day. Additionally, the police were aware that Zaire Johnson, Johnson’s son, turned ten this week, so they gave him toys and a $100 gift card.

“Ms. Johnson and Zaire will be recognized at the City of Cleveland’s Fourth District Awards Ceremony on October 6, 2022 and will receive the city’s ‘Citizen Award’. The above story proves that with the help of the community, lives can be saved. As the card said, Zaire and Ms. Johnson are our heroes.”

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