/Trump Goes Live And Absolutely Tears Into Biden

Trump Goes Live And Absolutely Tears Into Biden

Ex-President Donald Trump branded President Joe Biden a “disaster”, who has been “totally ineffective” in leading the country through the numerous crises that he has enflamed by his destructive policies.

“Look, I wanted [Biden] to be successful on the on the whole thing on COVID — or as I call it, the China virus,” Trump told Fox Business host David Asman on Friday.

“I wanted him to be successful. He’s been totally unsuccessful. It’s a disaster what’s happened.”

Trump stated that the coronavirus has caused “significantly more” American deaths under Biden’s watch than on his own, “despite all the vaccines that have been created and all the therapeutics that have been administered.”

The 45th president noted that Biden had failed to stop the pandemic, despite promising to “end it” in the run-up to 2020.

Trump stated that, in addition to mismanaging pandemics, Biden has encouraged runaway inflation as well as a border crisis where mass caravans of unvetted aliens flood the country.

Biden’s mandate to immunize was partly responsible for the disruptions in the supply chain.

He also pointed out that crime is on the rise in Democrat-controlled areas due to the left’s hysterical ” defund police” mania.

Trump also stated that Biden’s reckless energy policies directly contributed to skyrocketing inflation.

“What they’ve done to energy and energy prices is causing a tremendous amount of inflation,” he stated. “We were energy-independent. In fact, I got the numbers so low for gasoline, it was down to $1.78 and I left it at $1.86 a gallon.”

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Trump claimed that after Biden had destroyed America’s energy independence, Trump humiliated the nation further by asking the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries for more oil production in order to offset rising gas prices. The oil cartel declined.

Asman noted that Saudi Arabia and other international oil producers are more eco-conscious than the United States, so closing down American oil production in the same way Biden did is contrary to his stated goal to protect the environment.

“The strange thing is, Mr. President, is that the same time we’re asking the Russians and OPEC to increase their oil supply to bring prices down a bit, we’re shutting off pipelines in the United States, and they produce oil and gas in a much dirtier way than we do,” the Fox Business host said.

“So if you care about the environment, shouldn’t we be encouraging U.S. production rather than Saudi and Russian production?” he said.

Trump stated that Biden had “lied so much” before the election. He claimed he would not impose vaccine mandates on the country or close down the Keystone XL Pipeline. So he is not surprised at what is happening right now.

“What’s happening with energy, nobody’s ever seen it,” he said. “In California — [gas] is $7.77 in certain areas of California. … People remember in a debate, also, I said, you’re going to have $5, $6, $7 gasoline, and even more than that, I just didn’t know I was going to be right so soon.”

Trump then raised the alarm about the Second Amendment and warned that Biden would begin to erode Americans’ rights to legally own guns for self-defense.

“Wait till you see what they do on guns,” the former president warned. “They’re going to be taking away the guns.”

When asked about mounting speculation that he will run for president again in 2024, Trump said he believes he would easily win the GOP nomination.

“I think if I run I’ll get it,” he said.

Many Americans, including some who voted in Biden, are angry at the president’s feckless leadership style and the poor direction the country has taken.

Biden’s America is more dangerous and dystopian than any Trump-era America. Maybe that’s just an intentional decision.

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