/Jaw-Dropping: Texas Imposes 1st Step To No-Permit ‘Constitutional Carry’ Bill

Jaw-Dropping: Texas Imposes 1st Step To No-Permit ‘Constitutional Carry’ Bill

Texas House has issued first approval of a”constitutional carry” bill that will permit Texans to carry a handgun in an “open Carry” manner with our a needed permit, according to Fox News.

Currently, gun owners are required to have permits for any way of carrying.

“This bill should be called common-sense carry,” Rep. Matt Schaefer said.

“It’s time to restore faith in law-abiding Texans.”

Democratic state Rep. Joe Moody said, “Even knowing the political realities, I was hopeful.”

“But now here we are, the first legislative session back since then, and it’s another date that’s going to be burned into my heat.”

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said, “With all the police violence today we have in our state … law enforcement does not like the idea of anyone being able to walk down the street with a gun and they don’t know if they have a permit or not.”

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