/AG Slams Biden for Threatening to Take Away School Lunch Money

AG Slams Biden for Threatening to Take Away School Lunch Money

One would assume that putting out the fire that has been causing devastation on the US would be the Biden administration’s only priority. They care less about the economy than they do about indoctrinating kids with their radical awakened philosophy.

In a lawsuit against President Joe Biden over a Department of Agriculture school food program that forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, Attorney General Jason Miyares (R-VA) joined more than 20 other Republicans.

In other words, if schools don’t follow his woke gender agenda, which he is so passionate about pushing, Biden would cut off money for lunch programs.

Miyares claimed to Breitbart News that the Biden administration is utilizing nutrition aid for disadvantaged children to persuade regional school districts to adopt a far-left political agenda.

Even fresh posters were made by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to promote their extreme approach. According to the new poster, the institution is not allowed to discriminate on the basis of racial or ethnic origin, skin color, sexual orientation, including gender identity, or sexual orientation, as well as age, handicap, or as retaliation for earlier civil rights activism.

Republicans argue the poster is evidence of the federal government’s extreme gender ideology, while the left claims it only serves to remind people not to discriminate.

By agreeing to display the banner, schools are essentially agreeing to permit sex-specific restrooms, uniforms, and the use of pronouns that reflect biological sex.

The school might be sued for hanging the poster and disobeying the left’s rules.

Miyares expressed his pride at joining the group to oppose the government overreach of officials who force-feed the left’s message to Americans.

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