/Armed Individual Tries To Breach Cincinnati FBI Building

Armed Individual Tries To Breach Cincinnati FBI Building

At the Cincinnati FBI field office in Ohio on Thursday, an armed man wearing full body armor attempted to get through a security screening area. He then tried to leave, exchanging gunfire with law police during a standoff.

According to the story, the incident at the Cincinnati field office occurred right after federal officials issued a warning about a possible increase in threats against agents following the bureau’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida home.

They are already making an effort to portray Trump supporters as dangerous, insane people who are willing to engage in acts of terrorism and bloodshed in vengeance for the persecution of the previous president.

According to federal officials, the individual tried to break into the FBI office’s visitor screening section but left when approached by officers. According to the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency, he was being pursued into Interstate 71 when police opened fire on him.

The freeway has been shut down in both directions while police continue to standoff. There were no early reports of injuries.

Authorities in Ohio have closed off a mile-radius along the freeway and asked people to stay inside and lock their doors.

According to many media reports, an FBI evidence team has arrived at the office to conduct an investigation.

Since federal officials carried out a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, threats against FBI employees and offices around the nation have increased recently. On the social media platform Gab, which is favored by white nationalists and antisemites, members have warned that they are getting ready for an armed uprising.

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