/Biden Trends on Twitter as Frustration over His Policies Mount

Biden Trends on Twitter as Frustration over His Policies Mount

Biden has had a difficult month. His policies have failed to make America great, despite what his Twitter followers may claim.

Biden’s presidency is proving to be disastrous. Americans are finally realizing this.

These many failures and poor American policies have not only led to anti-Biden sentiment being awakened but also allowed for open displays of such sentiments to become mainstream. The senile president was ridiculed nationwide after what started as chants of “f*** Joe Biden”, “let’s Go Brandon” at football games.

But now it might have gone beyond ridicule. Now people want Brandon gone, and that desire to see Brandon pushed out of the White House is trending on Twitter (#3 as of 1/28 at 9:45 am).

There are many grievances that can be raised by those who call for Brandon’s impeachment. It’s almost like Festivus in January.

For example, one person posted a video showing the migrants Brandon allowed to invade America, and then sent it around, declaring that if Trump had done anything similar, impeachment would have been immediate.

Similar claims were made in a similar post about why Brandon shutting down illegals across the country should be grounds to impeachment. (note: The CIA claim isn’t entirely true. A contractor doing business with the CIA was involved in the flight of illegals. Not the CIA).

Yet another attacked Biden for his border policies, calling for his impeachment based on the utter lawlessness at the border:

Another person pointed out the racist and sexist nature of Biden’s promise that he would only consider black women when he picked his SCOTUS nominee. What other situation would allow race and sex to be considered and the person selecting a candidate to brag about how racist or sexist they are?

A third claim was common in the #impeachbiden twitters: Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president. This supposedly ended badly. One person mentioned that Trump was impeached in a similar manner (the details were different with the only commonality being that it was a phone call with the Ukrainian president). And calling for Biden to be impeached based on this:

The most powerful of all the possible causes for impeachment is the one that deals with illegal immigration. Although the phone conversation with the Ukrainian president was not a good one, it’s not an offense that should be impeached. The SCOTUS promise is equally disgusting but not any different from the affirmative action policies that already exist in nearly every school and country in the nation.

Brandon openly ignores the laws of the United States on illegal immigration and encourages lawbreaking. If that isn’t an impeachable offense what is?

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