/Biden Proves Once Again Why He Isn’t Fit to be President

Biden Proves Once Again Why He Isn’t Fit to be President

President Joe Biden currently commits so many foolish mistakes that it is now purely humorous to anyone who aren’t Leftist slaves.

Biden has made a number of unlucky mistakes this week alone, all while in the spotlight.

The Democrats were undoubtedly delighted to see him leave on vacation so they could sit through his speech without cringing.

Hold your breath, though, since there’s a possibility that Biden may go on another bike ride, and we all know how his previous one ended.

The most noteworthy instance occurred when Biden had a coughing attack while speaking at the White House on the passing of the CHIPS law, making it difficult for him to continue.

Just days after Biden tested negative for Covid-19 following a “rebound” infection, the almost 80-year-old had to pause speaking numerous times.

The president then seemed to blow his nose in the presence of Congressmen as they awaited his signature on the technology bill.

Biden’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor, told reporters that the president had a loose cough that had not yet subsided while Biden was still ailing.

Biden didn’t appear to wash his hands before shaking hands with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, according to The New York Post (D-NY).

Stephen L. Miller, a contributing editor of The Spectator, criticized Biden for breaking Covid-19 procedure and cited the fact that the day before, he had been donning a mask.

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