/Biden Seemed Confused About Gun Show Loop Hole

Biden Seemed Confused About Gun Show Loop Hole

For most Americans, attending a gun show is as American as eating apple pie, and so is owning a gun. However, buying one comes with numerous regulations and rules, and the Second Amendment is the most regulated of all of the amendments enshrined in the US Constitution. There are a lot of regulations that perhaps the President of the United States is confused about the laws that govern how people buy and sell firearms.

On Thursday, April 8, President Joe Biden wrongly stated that anyone could attend a gun show and buy any gun one desires with no background check. However, if one is bought at a store, a background check is required. Biden tried to connect the dots that, somehow, there was a loophole to buying a gun without registering it in a gun show. However, that’s not correct. In actuality, he must have been confused based on what his press secretary told the media.

Was Biden Confused, or Did He Lie?

For decades, Democrats dogged what’s called the”gun show loophole.” At present, federal law requires licensed vendors to perform a background check on anyone who wishes to buy a firearm. It doesn’t matter where the purchase occurs. It could be in a gun store or a gun show.

The loophole Democrats complain about allows private individuals to sell a personal gun without a background check. It matters not where the sale occurred. Private transactions between gun owners are often made at a gun show where it’s convenient and secure to meet up with like-minded people.

So, the question is, was Biden confused, or did he misspeak on purpose?

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