/Donald Trump shared this scary notion about who is really running the country

Donald Trump shared this scary notion about who is really running the country

Joe Biden’s unsteady performance as President in addition to his radical agenda is leading many Americans to ask one big question.

Who Is Really In Charge? Donald Trump shared this scary idea about who’s really running the nation.

In a meeting with a tv show called Newsmax, Donald Trump contested if Joe Biden was actually the one calling the shots.

Trump noted how demanding the task of President was.

“Well it does take that kind of drive, and it takes tremendous strength and enthusiasm and everything you can imagine,” Trump told Newsmax. “It’s 50 hours a day and you understand what I mean by that.”

Biden runs a very light work program and Trump pointed out that somebody was giving orders at the White House, but Trump wondered whether that individual was Joe Biden.

“It’s a lot of work, and I think other people are making most of the decisions but I may be wrong about that, I don’t know,” Trump added. “I don’t really know him very well, but to be honest with you, somebody’s making decisions.”

Joe Biden campaigned as a moderate, but currently in office he’s chasing trillions of dollars in new socialist spending and tax increases as part of the very revolutionary agenda in American history.

That led Trump to feel that”other people are making the decisions.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki fueled suspicions that Biden is simply a puppet by admitting that Biden and former President Barack Obama spoke frequently, but that she wouldn’t disclose what they discuss.

“They speak regularly,” Psaki told the media. “They, of course, were President and Vice President, but they are also friends.”

In an interview with comedian Stephen Colbert, Obama said he would just serve a third term as President — that the Constitution would need to be changed — if he could only sit in the cellar and give orders to a front person.

To many Americans, that sounds like just what’s going on.

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