/Biden To Give Cash Payments to Central Americans to Stop Illegal Entry

Biden To Give Cash Payments to Central Americans to Stop Illegal Entry

Are you wondering what Kamala Harris was doing after she had been tasked to deal with the boundaries issues and slowing the spike from Central American countries?

We heard that she talked to one Central American leader, and that was about it. She hasn’t completed one press conference on the problem. Instead, she seems to be traveling pretty much everywhere else except the border, taking trips to California and to Chicago, where she got some baked goods as a snack.

Meanwhile the border remains imploding.

But the word is out about an idea they are contemplating. I don’t know if Kamala Harris was behind this one, but it’s truly a bad idea for the record books, so I am willing to bet she had a hand in it.

They’re contemplating sending cash payments to Central Americans in a bid to convince them to remain in their own countries.

So they just put the country through lockdowns from a pandemic, killed the market, and threw millions out of work. They delayed months just giving Americans $1,400, after promising $2,000.

Now, because tens of thousands of breaking the law, encouraged by Joe Biden, because Biden has so screwed the pooch over the border, most of us have to pay up and give them bribes not to illegally enter?

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