/FBI Is Already Interfering In The 2024 Election

FBI Is Already Interfering In The 2024 Election

In ways we’ve never seen in our history, the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club last week startled the whole country. Never before has one political side really taken tangible law enforcement action motivated by what appears to be entirely political purposes against a leader of another side, despite the rhetoric from both sides trending in that direction for several years. It is unprecedented and resembles old-school Soviet strategies that would fit much better in a third-world country or communist China.

We are informed that the raid was the consequence of a disagreement between the Trump campaign and the National Archives about the alleged removal of sensitive materials, despite the fact that the president is allegedly fully empowered to decide what is and isn’t classified.

The FBI now has hundreds upon thousands of papers in its possession, which it can now peruse at the convenience of anti-Trump agents eager to find something to pin on the former president. This is crucial. Evidently, they’ll be looking for secret information, but if you believe they won’t also be looking for crimes when they go through the records, you were probably born yesterday.

Agents will undoubtedly be searching through these records for evidence of a breach of the tens of thousands of pages worth of federal statutes that are impossible for any one person or even a legal team to keep up with and follow.

It has been said that if the right person discovered the right piece of evidence at the wrong time, we would all be found guilty of breaking some form of law and become felons. Every day, millions likely breach the law without ever realizing it or wanting to.

Those are the results of a system that produces more rules than anybody can possibly keep up with and then selectively applies those laws on individuals who are the political rivals of the ruling class.

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