/Fox Stars Mock Twitter’s Latest ‘bad Marketing Strategy’

Fox Stars Mock Twitter’s Latest ‘bad Marketing Strategy’

Twitter has recently begun testing a new feature that warns users who interact with certain posts about the possibility of a heated or intense conversation.

One of the most popular social media platforms on the internet was mocked by Fox News’ The Five who called it a ” really poor marketing strategy” given that Twitter is well-known for being a place for heated and controversial exchanges.

According to Fox Business host Lisa “Kennedy”, Montgomery, panelist, compared the move with Playboy magazine not showing nudity.

Meanwhile, Fox’s Greg Gutfeld unabashedly suggested the platform should retool its “trends” feature if it really wants to tone down the “intense,” and sometimes hate-filled, dialogue.

Twitter issues content warnings

Tech Crunch reported last week that Twitter had launched an initial test of its new warning feature for iOS and Android apps. The idea was that it would encourage “healthy conversations.”

Predictably, the responses from users to a post from Twitter Support announcing the new feature showed just how absurd the entire effort is; for example, a simple reply mentioning “corndogs” prompted a laughably “heated” and “intense” debate.

“We are not children”

Jesse Watters, a panelist summarized the entire issue well when it came up in a short discussion on The Five: “There are no healthy conversations on Twitter.” It’s a cesspool. Everyone knows that. That’s why they love it.

Gutfeld chimed in:

This is stupid. We’re not children. Twitter should be focusing on Twitter trends, right? Because Twitter trends collates the irrational mob attacks into a table of contents.

“You go on, you look, ‘oh look, Kenny Loggins is trending!’ And you go, you find out, oh my God, he did something,” Gutfeld added, according to the Daily Caller. “Twitter trends is one of the most destructive things in social media because it directs people to somebody who is in hot water. And everybody likes to go watch the frog boil in that bucket of hate.”


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