/Internal Democrat Research Holds Bad News for the Left

Internal Democrat Research Holds Bad News for the Left

Under President Biden, Democrats have shifted from Clinton’s pro-union, culturally liberal, and otherwise moderate party to Obama’s full-fledged far-left program.

They’ve moved on from gay marriage to transgender children, from welcoming legal immigrants to closing the border and allowing millions of criminals to rush in, and from being healthy skeptics of the military to cleansing it of conservatives. Oh, and there’s the inflation debacle, the humiliating Afghan withdrawal, and the looming Ukraine problem.

None of this is popular with the average person, who may not be fully committed to the far-right culture war vision, but is certainly closer to it than the Elagabulus for President vision pushed by whoever the Democrats decided to appoint as energy secretary the guy who is sexually attracted to dogs.

All of this is why, according to recent Democrat research and Democratic experience outside of big cities where lefties thrive, the Democrat brand is poisonous, and both voters and Democrat politicians are fleeing the party.

In the little communities 100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, the party’s image is so tainted that several liberals have removed bumper stickers and yard signs and refuse to admit publicly to their party affiliation. These Democrats are used to being outnumbered by the local Republican majority, but as their numbers drop, those who remain in their towns are feeling increasingly lonely and unwelcome.

They are unable to adequately respond to these charges since they are all based on the programs that Republicans are criticizing. The current Democrat platform includes support for BLM, resistance to the police, and support for gun regulation. The elections will not go well for them until they modify their platform as well as their attitude.

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