/Items Taken in Trump Raid Revealed

Items Taken in Trump Raid Revealed

The DOJ and FBI continue to leak like a sieve only one day after AG Merrick Garland chastised Americans who questioned their honesty. There is a relative flood of material being published about the raid on Donald Trump’s Florida residence, in contrast to the Hunter Biden case, which has been kept tightly under wraps for years.

On Monday, FBI investigators raided the Mar-a-Lago residence of former President Donald Trump and seized 11 sets of classified papers, some of which were top-secret and only to be accessed by authorized government personnel.

According to a list of goods confiscated from the property, the Federal Bureau of Investigation officers collected around 20 boxes of items, picture binders, a handwritten message, and the executive order of mercy for Mr. Trump’s buddy Roger Stone. According to the three-page list, there was also information on the “President of France” included. The list is included in a seven-page document that also includes the search warrant that was authorized by a federal magistrate court in Florida for the property.

The DOJ and the leftist media claimed that these documents were so top-secret and significant that they allowed for the justification of a house invasion by scores of armed operatives against a former president. Nevertheless, they appear to be quite comfortable to flaunt to journalists knowing that the specifics would be made public.

In defiance of precedent, the FBI went through all this work to recover just 11 pieces of sensitive data. Even though she was never raided, Hillary Clinton had less items on her unauthorized bathroom server, including special access documents.

Other than that, it appears that Trump’s personal belongings made up the majority of the items confiscated. letters that he received. notes that they authored together. listings of recent visitors, etc. Nothing that would even somewhat justify breaking into his house. Everything here doesn’t add up because it’s not supposed to.

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