/Misinformed Liberal Analyst Appointed as a Top Intelligence Officer

Misinformed Liberal Analyst Appointed as a Top Intelligence Officer

Joe Biden is prepared to provide significant roles in the White House to leftist political experts who assisted him in winning the presidential race.

The White House announced the hiring of an uninformed MSNBC commentator in a news release late last week. He asserted that Hunter Biden’s laptop narrative was false information from Russia to the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.

Jeremy Bash will join the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, according to the White House. In addition to hosting on MSNBC, Bash formerly worked for the Obama administration as the CIA’s chief of staff.

When the New York Post first reported on Hunter Biden’s shady international business dealings in October 2020, Bash signed an open letter with 50 other former intelligence officials claiming that Hunter’s laptop was a part of a Russian disinformation campaign meant to help Donald Trump win the presidency.

The letter further said that Americans should have the exclusive power to choose their representatives and that no foreign government should be able to influence the results of the US presidential elections.

The letter also highlighted that all signatories recognize the concerns of the Founding Fathers, who similarly want to protect American democracy from outside interference.

The letter admitted that former intelligence officers lacked evidence to support their assertions, but it was argued that Hunter Biden’s account contained all the components of a Russian misinformation effort.

When the letter was made public just before the 2020 presidential election, many of then-candidate Biden’s close advisers began running for office on its basis.

Even Jen Psaki, who ultimately held the position of press secretary for the White House, blasted Republicans for depending on Russian disinformation to win elections.

However, this was not the only occasion where Bash criticized Hunter Biden’s narrative.

In reality, he utilized MSNBC to further his fabrications; during his appearances on the liberal media outlet, he continued to characterize Hunter’s account as a Russian misinformation effort.

When Biden made this decision, news stories about Hunter’s laptop were trending on practically all major television networks.

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